Helping instructors measure student learning with online assessments of economics skills

About Us

Back in 2017, the Cornell Department of Economics won a grant from the Active Learning Initiative (ALI) to incorporate active learning methods into several core undergraduate courses. George Orlov and Doug McKee started developing the Cornell Suite of Economics Assessments on this site in large part to evaluate the impact of the ALI on student learning. Our development process has involved many faculty and students at many institutions, and we could not have done this without their help.

The Economic Statistics Skills Assessment (ESSA) is available in Spanish, thanks to the work of Santiago Bohórquez Correa at Universidad EAFIT in Medellín, Colombia.

Steven Zhu is the lead developer of the software behind this web site, and it is based in large part on work done by Natasha Holmes and Cole Walsh for the PLIC assessment site and the BIO-MAPS assessment site. Their work builds on that of the Lewandowski Group at the University of Colorado to support online administration of the E-CLASS assessment.